In todays fast-paced and demanding environment employees are forced to make swift decisions, our focus is always completing every task with safety as priority one. 

Everyone goes home, everyday. 

Human Performance

Nearly all incidents and accidents are driven from Human error, our goal is to train our employees on performance measurements, from hand placement to setting up a crane, always ask the question... is there a better and safer way to complete the task?

Lead by Example

Learning safe and efficient work practices doesn't happen by sitting in training classes and reading books.  Our leadership focuses on answering questions and explaining work tasks in the field.


We aspire to train our teams on project specific needs, our safety department is tasked with addressing training requirements based upon feedback from crews.  In addition, to site specific training we follow the OHSA T&D guidelines and maintain OHSA 10 training for all employees.  

  • Pole top and bucket rescue
  • OHSA T&D 10/20/30
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Excavation and confined spaces
  • DOT Compliance
  • MREA - Apprenticeship - Journeyman Line Worker
  • Underground Utility - Locates and safe dig compliance

Tasking - Stop work responsibility.

Understanding our employees core competencies and placing the right team dynamic is crucial to insuring the job is done right and safe the first time.  Place the right people on the right job, ask questions, make a plan and work the plan.

Every employee has the responsibility to stop work if the task is not clear.